So you are ready to take the next step in your career and look for a new job. You found the perfect fit and you are ready to sweep them off their feet. Before you get into the full swing of things, do yourself a favour and do your homework.

Bad PR – If a company is good, it makes sure its PR is out there screaming and shouting about it, if a company is bad – it is the employees and ex employees that reach out to media so if you see any articles about the company, pay attention who is the source of it and how the business management responds to it.

Bad reviews from employees– This is probably the biggest warning sign. If you can get information first-handed – ask for it. If you cannot – find it yourself. Nowadays, there are number of websites that let employees leave companies’ reviews, so do your homework and check them out. My favourite one is Glassdoor but Indeed has also implemented this function. You might also look on LinkedIn for past employees and ask them directly about their opinion.

Questionable questions and comments during interview – There is a number of questions that are illegal and shouldn’t be asked during the interview. These include questions around: age, race and ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, disability and health, marital status, family, pregnancy, sexual orientation and criminal convictions.

I was asked whether I was planning on having a baby in the next 3 years and it was a huge red light I decided to ignore because the job sounded too good. Do not ignore these.

Lack of plan for the role – That’s another one. A lot of the times, especially when it comes to newly-created roles the job descriptions can be vague or what you are being told in the interview is inconsistent with what you read when you were applying for the role. As this might cause a lot of tension and difficulties in working in the future make sure you have clarity on what is expected from you. If you see the business cannot give you that, move on to a place that can.

Lack of possibilities to grow – It might be difficult to tell at first if there is an opportunity to grow therefore it is important to ask leading questions that will give you the answer. You might want to ask about the company’s structure, the training provided, criteria for employee’s promotion, when your manager was promoted, how they see your role evolving. If you sense there is something off with the answers that is because there probably is.

Lack of diversity – You can see it through quick company search on LinkedIn or when you enter the building. Avoid places that aren’t diverse enough.

Be smart before you make the wrong decision as some lessons are costly and you could invest yourself elsewhere.

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