Now, you cannot simply just visit a country without having a bit of an insight into the local culture and customs, therefore I decided to help you understand the dynamics in UK, before you get there. Please note, this (extremely funny and on point) post was originally shared in a Facebook Group I belong to, … Continue Reading

I finally made it to Iceland! And let me tell you – it is suuuuuch a beautiful place, I cannot wait to go back. Tip: If you are thinking of going to Iceland, take into consideration the daylight and weather conditions. While it was OK-ish when it comes to the daylight as in February you … Continue Reading

There are bucketlists and there are bucket lists made by someone who has been living in London for 8 years and has not seen it all yet. I am going to skip through all the must-sees that every single article out there talks about and I will move onto places I believe are the coolest … Continue Reading

So you want to go somewhere hot and slightly exotic, yet close enough to hop on the cheap European flight? Book yourself a trip to Cyprus and look no further. Cyprus is this rather overlooked place in Europe, which is extremely rich in history and the Greek/Cypriot conflict with Turkish who invaded Cyprus in 1974 … Continue Reading