Applying for jobs can be a draining and cumbersome experience. And the more specific you are about the role you are after, the harder you have to work to stand out among the ones looking for the same career path.

Put your CV to work

This is the key to your success therefore it is important to make your CV perfect. I have written top tips on how to improve your CV. You can find them here.

While having a great professional CV is half of the success there is a number of ways you can improve your job search:

Improve your LinkedIn

Once you perfected your CV, make your LinkedIn profile do the job for you. This includes:

  1. Update your profile with the information available on your CV.
  2. Choose a professional and friendly profile picture.
  3. Optimising it for search by including your keywords.
  4. Turn your summary into a pleasant-to-read story.
  5. Customise your LinkedIn link.
  6. Create a headline that sells – most people have their current job title.
  7. Build your network – recruiters oftentimes reach out to their networks asking for information about candidates that have mutual connections.
  8. Endorse people – and they will endorse you back. If possible, ask for recommendations.
  9. Become a thought leader in your area by publish articles about it.
  10. Sign up to email newsletters with relevant jobs.

Sign up to job boards

Ensure your CV is on all the major job boards in your country. In UK I would recommend creating profiles and subscribing to newsletters from the following boards:

  • Reed
  • Totaljobs
  • CV-library
  • Jobserve
  • Adzuna
  • CW Jobs

And industry relevant boards. In tech it will be Dice, in hospitality Caterer and in Marketing for instance onlymarketingjobs.

Understand ATS

Did you know most of the recruiters use systems called ATS that scan the candidates against the jobs for them? If you want to see how your CV performs against a role you are applying for, check Jobscan which lets you check that.

Join mailing lists

There are mailing lists where people talk about issues, job search and career in their industry. I am a member of Ada’s List which was created with females in tech in mind and the amount of quality jobs that’s being posted there by the members on a daily basis is mind blowing. Check if there are mailing lists and forums in your area of expertise.


While a lot of your work search can be done from the comfortable seat at your desk, there are also other great ways to find the job you love. My favourite is networking. London has a great scene when it comes to meeting like-minded people and oftentimes, people who are willing to help. So don’t waste time and check out Eventbrite, Meetup or Silicon Roundabout events and see if there’s an area that interests you.

Get a career coach

If you are on cross roads or don’t know how to prepare to land the job of your dreams, get a career coach. I can recommend Selina Yankson, who is the Coaching Director at WorkWisdom. She specialises in helping people land their ideal role by helping them understand their goals, develop confidence, navigate through the digital hiring process and take charge of their career development.

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