pizza gifPizza Lovers Unite! Today is your day! That’s right – 9th of February is the National Pizza Day! There’s no better way to celebrate it than stuffing your face with the best-in-town pizza.

All the suggestions can be found on this handy Google Map.

Side note: No one can talk about food as much about food and specifically – Italian food as the Italians do, I have asked my Italian friends for the best pizza recommendations in town and that’s the results:

Oi Vita Pizzeria, Canonbury

This lovely little independently run pizzeria is my Italian friend’s favourite and believe me, she knows a thing or five about Italian food. With the owner learning the pizza masterpiece in the area of Naples you can only expect the best possible produce that is not limited to pizzas only. Make sure to try their tiramisu too.

L’Antica Pizzeria, Hampstead

This pizzeria prides itself in being Neapolitan in heritage and approach when it comes to pizza-making. They use Caputo flour, imported from Naples, for their dough, fermenting it for over 24 hours before it goes into the 400°C oven. The pizzas also happen to be named after famous Italians which makes the experience even better.

There is also the famous L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Stoke Newington. There was a lot of hype around it when it first came to London (because of the Naples branch being featured in Eat, Pray, Love), queues were horrendously long and they only serve two types of pizza – margherita and marinara. It was good, but given the wait and overall rushed experienced, it wouldn’t be my top choice.

Rossopomodo, various locations

This Italian (born in Naples) chain has its restaurants in Italy, UK, Germany, France, Iceland, Turkey, Denmark, US & Japan and a few locations around London. Its Shoreditch branch is quite big and can get a bit loud, nevertheless – the pizza is fantastic and there’s quite a selection to choose from.

Homeslice Pizza, various locations

Homeslice Pizza prides themselves in their homemade fresh and flavoursome sauce. Their simple menu of pizza, beer and wine with quality and seasonal produce at its heart, served in a relaxed, friendly space. Try their Aubergine and harissa pizza.

Franco Manca, All Over London

Franco Manca pizzaI have written about this place before and you will probably see it in few of my articles because it is quite incredible. It’s a home-grown (London-grown) business that started off in Brixton and this is why you should probably start with that particular branch. The very affordable stone-baked pizzas are made in ovens built by Neapolitan craftsmen. Franco Manca is serious about pizza.  Their menu has 7 positions and I have recently tried the 7th with potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto and I confirm it is yum.

Sapore Italiano, Limehouse

A tiny pizza shop recommended by Italians. It is considered to offer the authentic, Italian style pizza with ingredients sourced from motherland and a great thin crust pizza baked in a stone oven. If you’re in the Limehouse area – make sure you pay them a visit.

pizza-eastPizza East, Shoreditch

This Soho House Group Restaurant has its branches in three London locations however the Shoreditch one is the iconic one. The restaurant which is a converted warehouse offers a great quality of food and drinks and the staff is extremely accommodating.

Try their Black truffle, taleggio, mozzarella, cream pizza – it is mouthwatering. If you like black truffle that is.

Bravi Ragazzi, Streatham

If you ever venture to south London, make sure to pay a visit to this Neapolitan restaurant as the quality of ingredients and the pizzas is excellent. They also serve a Nutella sandwiched in pizza dough and baked, then dusted with icing sugar. #purelust

Pizza Metro, Battersea & Notting Hill

This casual restaurant serve great thin, soft-based pizzas with tip-top Italian produce. Bear in mind they cost slightly more than standard, so get some friends and order a metre of pizza to share the cost.

pizza-pilgrimsPizza Pilgrims, various locations

This pizza joint has its restaurants scattered around central London with locations including Dean Street, Carnaby Street, Shoreditch, Exmouth Market and few more. The owners of the chain set off on a pilgrimage across southern Italy to learn from the best and put their skills in use in London. The characteristically soft dough of pizzas from this region set them apart from most, while exactingly-sourced Italian ingredients ensure the toppings also shine:

Santa Maria, Ealing

Based far west, this authentic Neapolitan pizzeria serves fantastic chewy-dough pizzas topped with simple ingredients sourced from Italy. Pizza to go for: Santa Bufalina: tomato, buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Saporitalia, Notting Hill

Another Neapolitan pizzeria which prides itself not only in pizzas but also it’s superb buffalo mozzarella. This family-run business is highly recommended by the locals and Italians, of course.

canada-waterCanada Water Café, Canada Water

Last but not least – this is my absolute-favourite restaurant. This cosy and warm restaurant based in Canada Water is owned and run by Italians which adds to it’s authentic experience. They broadly specialise in Italian cuisine and even do region-inspired weeks which attract a lot of food lovers. Their pizza selection is pretty decent, toppings are superb and the dough is just mouth-watering. They also make their own garlic oil if you want to indulge yourself even more as for it on a side.  Favourite pizza – Rucola e Grana.


For those who are after a deep-fried American-style pizza experience, here are couple of recommendations:

NY Fold, Charing Cross

This family-run independent pizzeria is what authentic NYC style pizza is like. According to the owners pizza in New York is  placed on a white paper plate, then put in a brown paper bag and you’re eating it on the go  and this is what they opted for in case of NY Fold too. since you get to buy pizza by the slice you can choose a selection of flavours and make all your taste buds happy. Also, open till 12.30 AM every day.


Voodoo Ray’s, Dalston

Voodoo Ray’s, a New York-style pizza restaurant serves their giant pizzas by slice in Shoreditch, Dalston, Camden & Peckham. Two slices on their pizza equal a small-size pizza! They also offer a range of drinks including craft beers from Brooklyn, Beavertown and Kona.


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