We all have these friends who are constantly abroad or about to go away on a sick adventure. For some people I am that friend and I cannot stress how often I get asked how I do it (and whether I am a secret millionaire). I can tell you know – I am not, but … Continue Reading

London can be an overwhelming and unexpected experience when you come unprepared. Luckily there are apps dedicated to your London experience that will help you avoid surprises ranging from prices, weather conditions (yes that still comes as a surprise to some), tube strikes as well as key events, pop up shops and restaurants. Dive into … Continue Reading

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In the days of  sexual harassment being reported every single weeks across various industries it is important women understood they have a voice and power to stand up against an inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour and businesses took the right steps towards ensuring a healthy and balanced work environment welcoming to everyone. As Sheryl Sandberg mentioned … Continue Reading