We all have these friends who are constantly abroad or about to go away on a sick adventure. For some people I am that friend and I cannot stress how often I get asked how I do it (and whether I am a secret millionaire). I can tell you know – I am not, but I do know a few travel hacks that make my travels much more affordable and I am here to share them with you:

Be flexible

A lot of the price drops are a result of an error fare or last minute deal therefore flexibility when booking is very important. Websites like Jack’s Flight Club and Holiday Pirates can set you for great deals all around the world.

Explore alternatives

Oftentimes there are a few airports around major cities which means you might be able to bag yourself a better deal if you fly to a different one. Skyscanner has an option to add ‘nearby airport’ to the search – use it.

Know the local airlines

Oftentimes there are local airlines that can offer cheaper transfer than the major one. Prime example is a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui which costs £90/one way while a trip with AirAsia will cost you £40 in total(it does take few hours longer and involves a bus ride, a boat ride and a taxi ride).

Know when to book

Skyscanner developed a tool which tells you how far in advance you should book your tickets. It’s data-based so it’s legit. Sign up for newsletters from major airlines and flight search services like Kayak, Skyscanner & Momondo. They all have agreements with different booking websites therefore you will often see indiscrepancies in prices for the same flight. Also, if it’s a website you have never heard of before – Google their reviews.

Travel light

A lot of the airlines, especially the budget ones charge for check-in luggage. I have invested in Farpoint 40 Osprey Backpack and I’ve been using it ever since. It is compact and spacious and fits in the hand luggage space.

Research your airport transfer options

Oftentimes, there’s a local transport service that will get you to the town centre for half the price, so make sure you researched all the options. Google Maps and Rome2Rio are great tools for that. If all fails, ask on TripAdvisor. London’s cheapest option is easyBus.

Sharing is caring

If you are looking at getting a taxi, check if there’s Uber available and speak to people in the queue as you might be lucky and halve the cost by sharing a ride.

Explore carpooling options.

There are a few websites that offer carpooling including BlaBlaCar (quite popular in mainland Europe) or Waze Carpool.

Check out skiplagged 

This search engine shows you options that go beyond the other website capabilities – it lets you book a flight past your destination, with your destination as a stop en-route, and save more than if on the direct route.

Say yes to accommodation alternatives

From homeswaps, through home sitting to couchsurfing. The options vary from free to cheap and as a bonus you get to meet locals or hang out with cute dogs.

Speaking of meeting locals

Take advantage of the tools that help you connect with the locals. Meetup is a great tool to meet new people with similar interests. I also personally find Tinder a super useful tool for local recommendations.

Max it out on referrals

You can get £25 on Airbnb if you sign up through my link, £10/$15 on Uber if you aren’t already on there (use code dvp32), airmiles with certain credit cards (check MoneySavingExpert post).

Take advantage of the freebies

Icelandair offers free stopover in Iceland on your way to/from US & Canada. Also, The Points Guy made a comprehensive list of airports that offer free tour of the city on your long layover!

Rent a car

Whether it’s via traditional car rental services or Airbnb for cars, like Drivvy or Hiya Car. Renting a car makes sense when you have other travellers with you – it does save you a lot of time and money when exploring the place. An option worth considering is speaking to your roomies in the hostel and booking a ride with them – or joining their car if they have one!

Any other hacks you can think of?

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