If you love eating out as much as I do, then you’re in the right place. I’m a huge fan of going out and trying out new places and you could say I took one for the team when it comes to exploring London rich and never-ending cuisine scene. In a series of articles about places to eat in London, I will share with you my experiences and views on some of the most popular and lesser known restaurants – starting with one covering the most popular restaurant chains.


If there is one signature dish that represents London, it’s got to be curry. And Dishoom, a Bombay cuisine restaurant, does it the best. The queues can be very discouraging as it can take up to 2 hours of wait for a table, but believe me, their Black Daal is absolutely worth it. They have 5 restaurants in London and the Shoreditch one with great decor and Granary Square one are my favourites.

£ – Mid-range

Bone Daddies 

I didn’t know what good ramen was until I tried the Bone Daddies ramen. Their menu is all about ramen, with few starters and side options, which are equally tasty too. They have 7 locations in London and Victoria one on its way. Their Veggie Ramen is lush and very filling, but I hear their meat versions are equally nice. If you have space left, try their ice cream too.

£ – Mid-range

Granger & Co 

I didn’t know what a good coffee was until I tried Australian coffee! If you are looking for a place for brunch like it should be done then look no further. This Australian chain has 4 locations across London and offers great avocado & egg and other dishes. Expect queues in all of them.

£ – Mid-range


I am a huge fan of Thai food and on my quest to find papaya salad like the one I had in Koh Samui, I came across Rosa. These small Thai restaurants can be found in 11 locations across London. I recommend their Pad Thai and Papaya Salad, of course.

£ – Mid-range

Honest Burger 

Meat lovers unite. London loves its burgers as much as Kanye loves himself, therefore there’s plenty burger joints popping up all over the city. There’s only one that’s really worth trying though. Honest Burger, born in Brixton and therefore very much a home-grown chain has 24 restaurants across London, so it’s very likely you are currently near one too! Make sure you try their fries and milkshakes if you have space!

£ – Mid-range

Franco Manca

Brixton is a home to many great restaurants, including this pizzeria. This restaurant’s menu is very modest with 6 or so sourdough stone-baked pizzas to choose from all priced £6-7! There are 33 restaurants across London so plenty to choose from. Expect queues.

£ – Budget


Yotam Ottolenghi is a famous Israeli-British chef with few bestselling cookbooks and 5 restaurants on his account. His food variations tickle your tastebuds in ways you didn’t know existed and the food, stunningly presented, is a great treat for your eyes too. I am a big fan of his hummus which is usually served during lunch and aubergines. Try the Raspberry Meringue too.

£ – Pricey, but worth it

Rodizio Preto 

Yet another one for the meat lovers. This all you can eat Brazilian BBQ is a treat for all meat eaters. With a flat £30 rate, you get to eat as much as you want. Remember to be strategic about eating though – don’t munch on their pao de queijo before the meat arrives.

£ – Pricey

Flat Iron 

This steakhouse’s menu is rather simple with the main dish (steak or vegetarian option) and a special plus sides. The concept makes decision making much easier and the quality of meat is really good, I hear them say. Not to mention that it cost only £10 per steak plus £3 per side. They currently have 5 restaurants spread across central London, The City and West London and they don’t take bookings so expect to queue at peak times. The busiest of them, based in Covent Garden gives free icecream too.

£ – Budget

Daisy Green Restaurants 

Each restaurant is called slightly different which might be a bit misleading, so let me introduce them all – Beany, Timmy, Daisy, Peggy and Darcie & May! This great Australian joint, strategically based close to my office, serves a superb coffee (try their oatmilk latte) and selection fo healthy and fresh foods. The sweetcorn fritters are really worth a try!

£ – Mid-range


Great Turkish food and service. All their dishes are freshly prepared and they have a very good selection of dishes for everyone. There’s 5 Haz restaurants spread across different city locations.

£ – Mid-range

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