You know the days when you’re about to go out with your friends but you’re secretly dreaming of staying in covered in your blanket watching some tacky drama? We have all been there. And sometimes, no matter how hard you think you try, nothing makes you feel any better.

I’ve got some news for you! I’ve done some research and tested for you some of the best ways to help you change your mood almost instantly.

    1. Smile to yourself – did you know we can change our emotional state by altering our facial expressions? True story. There is plenty of research around this subject so go ahead and plaster this fake smile – it will make you feel happier in no time.
    2. Express gratitude – Now, I talk about this one a lot. For a reason. Remember that song Always Look At The Bright Side of Life by Monty Python? That’s what I am essentially referring too. We all go through tough times, we all sometimes feel like a failure and we can all name thousand and one reasons to be mad. And only some of us know the secret to happiness. And it is gratitude – finding the reasons to smile and be thankful for when we hit the rock bottom. So try to see the good in the bad that just happened. For more on this, check out my post.
    3. Dance like nobody’s watching – There are 1728932 reasons why dancing is good for you, but there is one that really sticks out for me – dancing lifts your mood, so put that Destiny’s Child tunes on and shake that booty!
    4. Listen to upbeat music – Ever since Spotify rolled out Your Time Capsule playlist I play it whenever I am annoyed or full of negative energy. Being the 80’s child I am, there is nothing better to put me in the mood than singing and humming to Nirvana or Linkin Park. I do it until I end up laughing at myself because of it.
    5. Sing ? – Researchers have found that there’s an organ in the inner ear that is connected to a part of the brain that registers pleasure. So whether it’s your car, church, karaoke bar or your shower – sing away!
    6. Eat ‘happy’ food – Some people eat out of stress and it’s OK, we are all humans. Make sure you replace the bad food and junk food with the feel-good food. Here’s a handy list of foods that are proven to uplift your mood.
    7. Call a friend or the ones you love – Call someone that puts a smile on your face. Call them and talk about trivial stuff, don’t talk about the things that have annoyed you – talk about stuff that takes your mind off it.
    8. Treat yourself ?– Shopping was always my go-to solution for when I felt bad until I discovered minimalist living. Consumerism is neither good for you nor your budget. Instead, do something nice for yourself – treat yourself to a good long bath with bubbles, massage or something you really enjoy doing.
    9. Find the thing that always makes you laugh – Whether it is a TV classic like Friends, Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, a stand up comedy (<3 Trevor Noah, this is my favourite), cat videos on YouTube or a silly article on BuzzFeed, save it somewhere always accessible.
    10. Play with a dog ?- I am a dog person so I am instantly happy when I see these little fluffy creatures however it’s been proven that playing with a dog for just 15 minutes releases serotonin and lowers the stress hormone – cortisol. If you don’t have a dog, don’t worry – this service lets you borrow your neighbours dog! PS. Playing with cats has similar effects.

So there you go – equipped with the knowledge, don’t let the event affect your entire day.

Here is an image that always made me laugh hysterically:

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