Global warming is a fact. And so is the damaging effect of the environmental exploitation and pollution caused by us, humans. Showing some love to Mother Earth and taking sustainability seriously is not that difficult at all. With just few simple improvements you can make a huge difference. Recycle Shame on you if you are … Continue Reading

If you are one of these people who would rather avoid going out at all on the 14th of February and boycott this notoriously commercialised day – worry not, you’re not on your own. While going out for a dinner on Valentine’s Day is a far-from-perfect experience, there are other things you could do to … Continue Reading

It’s old news that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving. By being kind to someone else you not only boost your own feel good levels but you actually also make the people kinder to others – it’s the contagious side effect of an already win-win situation. 12 February – Random Act of Kindness Day … Continue Reading

You know the days when you’re about to go out with your friends but you’re secretly dreaming of staying in covered in your blanket watching some tacky drama? We have all been there. And sometimes, no matter how hard you think you try, nothing makes you feel any better. I’ve got some news for you! … Continue Reading

In the days of  sexual harassment being reported every single weeks across various industries it is important women understood they have a voice and power to stand up against an inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour and businesses took the right steps towards ensuring a healthy and balanced work environment welcoming to everyone. As Sheryl Sandberg mentioned … Continue Reading

Every event that happens in our life has an impact on who we are and how we evolve. In 2016 I started my dream job. Or, what seemed to be the dream job – fantastic brand, visionary management, awesome travel perks & role perfectly crafted for me. From day dreaming, it quickly turned into a … Continue Reading

The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance. Viktor Frankl We all have bad days, sometimes the situations are completely out of our control and no matter how much we stretch ourselves, we cannot change them. Although, it is not crystal clear, we oftentimes are in power to turn … Continue Reading

We live in such a  digitalised world, constantly connected to information and people via our phones that one can only imagine my internal paralysis when I realised I forgot my charger. Now, those of you who know me, know I’m inseparable with my Anker charger wherever I go however I forgot to charge it prior … Continue Reading

Going through an emotional abuse isn’t easy and quite often, it is spotted and addressed when it’s way too late. It took me over 8 months to realise I have been emotionally bullied at work and another 6 months to accept that it was not going to change, and no matter how hard I tried … Continue Reading

Creating New Year’s resolutions is only half of the success. We have all been there, one month in – giving up on our ambitious plans discouraged by lack of results. If you want to succeed this year, follow these few simple steps to improve your determination and productivity.