Dubai can surprise many visitors with its diversity, culture and nature. Follow my guide to the old Dubai and explore the history of this city.

Now, you cannot simply just visit a country without having a bit of an insight into the local culture and customs, therefore I decided to help you understand the dynamics in UK, before you get there. Please note, this (extremely funny and on point) post was originally shared in a Facebook Group I belong to, … Continue Reading

Krakow is the best place to visit in Poland. It’s obviously good to see places like Zakopane, the seaside (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), Wroclaw, Poznan too, but if you are planning a short visit to Poland, stick to Krakow, as it has everything you are looking for – the people, the views and the spirit. Super … Continue Reading

I finally made it to Iceland! And let me tell you – it is suuuuuch a beautiful place, I cannot wait to go back. Tip: If you are thinking of going to Iceland, take into consideration the daylight and weather conditions. While it was OK-ish when it comes to the daylight as in February you … Continue Reading

We all have these friends who are constantly abroad or about to go away on a sick adventure. For some people I am that friend and I cannot stress how often I get asked how I do it (and whether I am a secret millionaire). I can tell you know – I am not, but … Continue Reading

Looking for a romantic weekend getaway that is not tourist-filled like Paris or Bruges? Look no further. Europe has so much to offer, it is beyond one’s expectations. There are plenty of cities that are still only known by locals and remain hidden secrets. So off you go! —Strasbourg, Alsace, France— Closest airport: Strasbourg, Basel-Mulhouse, Baden … Continue Reading

When I don’t work, I travel. Whether it is a day trip, weekend trip or a backpacking escapade, I always have a set of my must-haves. They don’t take much space and along with passport, phone and toothbrush are the absolute must-haves for any trip: Anker Charger – This has been my best friend accompanying … Continue Reading

We live in such a  digitalised world, constantly connected to information and people via our phones that one can only imagine my internal paralysis when I realised I forgot my charger. Now, those of you who know me, know I’m inseparable with my Anker charger wherever I go however I forgot to charge it prior … Continue Reading

There are bucketlists and there are bucket lists made by someone who has been living in London for 8 years and has not seen it all yet. I am going to skip through all the must-sees that every single article out there talks about and I will move onto places I believe are the coolest … Continue Reading

So you want to go somewhere hot and slightly exotic, yet close enough to hop on the cheap European flight? Book yourself a trip to Cyprus and look no further. Cyprus is this rather overlooked place in Europe, which is extremely rich in history and the Greek/Cypriot conflict with Turkish who invaded Cyprus in 1974 … Continue Reading