Now, you cannot simply just visit a country without having a bit of an insight into the local culture and customs, therefore I decided to help you understand the dynamics in UK, before you get there. Please note, this (extremely funny and on point) post was originally shared in a Facebook Group I belong to, … Continue Reading

Krakow is the best place to visit in Poland. It’s obviously good to see places like Zakopane, the seaside (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), Wroclaw, Poznan too, but if you are planning a short visit to Poland, stick to Krakow, as it has everything you are looking for – the people, the views and the spirit. Super … Continue Reading

If you are all after Instagrammable experiences – this post is for you. If you are after seeing some of the most iconic places in London – this post is also for you. If you are looking for places to feed your #foodporn – read on. This is my personal list of (way too many) … Continue Reading

Global warming is a fact. And so is the damaging effect of the environmental exploitation and pollution caused by us, humans. Showing some love to Mother Earth and taking sustainability seriously is not that difficult at all. With just few simple improvements you can make a huge difference. Recycle Shame on you if you are … Continue Reading

Pizza Lovers Unite! Today is your day! That’s right – 9th of February is the National Pizza Day! There’s no better way to celebrate it than stuffing your face with the best-in-town pizza. All the suggestions can be found on this handy Google Map. Side note: No one can talk about food as much about … Continue Reading

London can be an overwhelming and unexpected experience when you come unprepared. Luckily there are apps dedicated to your London experience that will help you avoid surprises ranging from prices, weather conditions (yes that still comes as a surprise to some), tube strikes as well as key events, pop up shops and restaurants. Dive into … Continue Reading

THIS IS PART OF SERIES: EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH LONDON If you love eating out as much as I do, then you’re in the right place. I’m a huge fan of going out and trying out new places and you could say I took one for the team when it comes to exploring London rich … Continue Reading

There are bucketlists and there are bucket lists made by someone who has been living in London for 8 years and has not seen it all yet. I am going to skip through all the must-sees that every single article out there talks about and I will move onto places I believe are the coolest … Continue Reading

If you have taken any lessons in British culture (or English at school) you will know by now the prominence of tea (and the afternoon tea) in the local customs. Tea is a sacred drink and, as I have swiftly learnt upon my first day at work when I moved here, it has to be prepared … Continue Reading