I finally made it to Iceland! And let me tell you – it is suuuuuch a beautiful place, I cannot wait to go back. Tip: If you are thinking of going to Iceland, take into consideration the daylight and weather conditions. While it was OK-ish when it comes to the daylight as in February you … Continue Reading

If you are one of these people who would rather avoid going out at all on the 14th of February and boycott this notoriously commercialised day – worry not, you’re not on your own. While going out for a dinner on Valentine’s Day is a far-from-perfect experience, there are other things you could do to … Continue Reading

Pizza Lovers Unite! Today is your day! That’s right – 9th of February is the National Pizza Day! There’s no better way to celebrate it than stuffing your face with the best-in-town pizza. All the suggestions can be found on this handy Google Map. Side note: No one can talk about food as much about … Continue Reading

We all have these friends who are constantly abroad or about to go away on a sick adventure. For some people I am that friend and I cannot stress how often I get asked how I do it (and whether I am a secret millionaire). I can tell you know – I am not, but … Continue Reading

London can be an overwhelming and unexpected experience when you come unprepared. Luckily there are apps dedicated to your London experience that will help you avoid surprises ranging from prices, weather conditions (yes that still comes as a surprise to some), tube strikes as well as key events, pop up shops and restaurants. Dive into … Continue Reading

THIS IS PART OF SERIES: EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH LONDON If you love eating out as much as I do, then you’re in the right place. I’m a huge fan of going out and trying out new places and you could say I took one for the team when it comes to exploring London rich … Continue Reading

Looking for a romantic weekend getaway that is not tourist-filled like Paris or Bruges? Look no further. Europe has so much to offer, it is beyond one’s expectations. There are plenty of cities that are still only known by locals and remain hidden secrets. So off you go! —Strasbourg, Alsace, France— Closest airport: Strasbourg, Basel-Mulhouse, Baden … Continue Reading

Recruiters spend on average less than 10 seconds reviewing your CV before they decide whether they want to continue reading it. Isn’t it scary? Therefore it is important to make sure your resume performs for you. I have been always on a lookout for interesting and challenging opportunities that would help me grow and I … Continue Reading

You know the days when you’re about to go out with your friends but you’re secretly dreaming of staying in covered in your blanket watching some tacky drama? We have all been there. And sometimes, no matter how hard you think you try, nothing makes you feel any better. I’ve got some news for you! … Continue Reading

When I don’t work, I travel. Whether it is a day trip, weekend trip or a backpacking escapade, I always have a set of my must-haves. They don’t take much space and along with passport, phone and toothbrush are the absolute must-haves for any trip: Anker Charger – This has been my best friend accompanying … Continue Reading