Global warming is a fact. And so is the damaging effect of the environmental exploitation and pollution caused by us, humans. Showing some love to Mother Earth and taking sustainability seriously is not that difficult at all. With just few simple improvements you can make a huge difference.

recycling graphRecycle

Shame on you if you are not recycling yet – local councils provide you with an unlimited number of colourful bins to make your lives easier – just check their website and order more. If you are struggling with decide what is recyclable and what isn’t – here’s a handy graph.

Support local brands

There are so many brands making our lives easier and focusing on sustainable living. Support them and benefit from it.

Some of my favourites include:

    1. Bio Bean – which turns waste coffee grounds into sustainable biofuels. It processes 50,000 tonnes of waste annually and have recently started their Coffee Logs project, where you can buy bags of eco-briquettes.
    2. Olio – is a new service that connects neighbours with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away
    3. Bulb – this renewable gas and electricity provider offers sustainable energy source for a very competitive price. With the referral code you get £50 credit.

Use reusable bottles

Not only will you help the environment, you will also do yourself a favour. I recently got my first Chilly’s bottle and I am absolutely loving it. It holds temperature like no other bottle I had, it is durable, doesn’t leak and it is light.

Avoid plastic

We all remember the autumn of 2015 when the 5p carrier bags were introduced and what a rage it caused among everyone. It was also the time people started appreciating their reusable canvas bags. They are more durable and prettier so why would you want to walk around with a plastic bag instead? Take it a step further and limit the amount of packed food you buy. You not only end up buying food that’s fresher but you also buy the amounts you need.

Bring your own cup

Did you know majority of coffee shops offer money off if you bring your own cup? They also see reusable mugs to make your life easier. If you want to get one online, I recommend Ecoffee cups.

Shop at sustainable markets

Some of my favourites:

  1. Bulk Market – currently relocating but to be reopened soon.
  2. London Farmers Markets – these markets sourcing and offering local goods are spread all across London in areas including Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, London Bridge, Pimlico, Teddington and more.

Get inspired by Going Zero Waste project

A project focuses on living a mindful and sustainable life led by making better choices. As the founder says ‘We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot’. Find out more on their website.

Dine and drink at sustainable bars and restaurants

  1. Nine Lives – based just off Bermondsey St, this hidden gem serves fantastic cocktails while following their zero waste policy.
  2. Cafe Van Gogh – if you are around Brixton, make sure you visit this gem. A community-interest restaurant which provides on-the-job training for people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions and aims to be completely zero waste.
  3. Silo – London-based restaurant driven by the idea of ‘not having a bin’ – this means that it doesn’t produce any food waste. Instead, food is recycled. For example, the on-site toilets are flushed with waste from coffee machines, and unused vegetables are pickled or fermented. .

Shop with brands that support sustainability

There’s a huge number of brands that prioritise sustainable and ethical fashion. These include:
Gather & See – an online retailer offering a range of products from clothes, to shoes, to jewellery & accessories,
Thought – an eCommerce store offering fashion items and accessories sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly producers.
People Tree – a fair trade fashion retailer from Japan that uses organic cotton and natural dyes.

Turn your old clothes in

And get a discount on your next purchase

A lot of fashion stores in UK have started collecting clothes in return for a voucher that can be used on next purchase:

– at Intimissimi you get £10 off your next purchase for 5 pieces fo your underwear,
H&M gives £5 vouchers when you leave your unwanted clothes with them,
& Other Stories gives you 5% off when you bring your used cosmetic packaging or recycle clothes with them.


There are many benefits of walking – it has a great impact on your health, mental health (imagine how relaxed you will feel when you avoid the rush hour traffic!), but it also helps us save the environment, so go on and incorporate some walking into your daily routine.

For a handy map of some of the recommended sustainable markets, bars and restaurants check out this map on Google.

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