It’s old news that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving. By being kind to someone else you not only boost your own feel good levels but you actually also make the people kinder to others – it’s the contagious side effect of an already win-win situation.

12 February – Random Act of Kindness Day

In a celebration of the Random Act of Kindness Day, I compiled a list of ideas to make this day better for you and for the others around you too. So take a look, which are you going to do today? And every day?

  1. Greet a bus driver, a station worker or a person standing next to you. Big cities are by far the loneliest – everyone is so busy and wrapped in their heads or with heads stuck in their phones, no wonder we all feel isolated from one another.
  2. Let someone in in front of you – if you live in a city like London, you will understand the frustration of getting on the tube in a peak time. Instead of pushing through as if you were fighting for life – let people in; you’ll get to your destination eventually in a much better mood.
  3. Pay a compliment – the most sought after are
    1. You look great;
    2. You’ve done a great job;
    3. I really value your friendship;
    4. You’re so talented;
    5.  This is very smart.
  4. Give a homeless more than you’d normally do – or buy them lunch – spending few pounds more once in a while won’t make much of a difference to you and it might make someone else’s day.
  5. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them you miss them or/and love them.
  6. Show gratitude to someone who’s been there for you when you needed it – whether it’s writing them a Thank You card, buying an unexpected gift or rocking up at theirs fro dinner & wine – give them the time they deserve.
  7. Give up your seat to someone who could use it more than you do. While giving up a seat to someone elder, pregnant or less able to stand should be a given, offer your seat to someone who’s tired or carries a lot of heavy bags too. You probably spent most of the day sitting anyway.
  8. Bake cookies for your colleagues.
  9. Leave a generous tip to your waiter or a barista. People working in hospitality do not have it easy. They work long hours, all day on their feet, serve demanding customers. On top of that – often face verbal abuse which they have to respond to in a professional and kind manner. And they do it all for a minimum wage. Reward them for all the effort they do to make your day better.
  10. Give a positive feedback about someone’s work to their supervisor.
  11. Offer to help someone. Whether it’s a neighbour who needs someone to babysit, an elderly person who needs help with carrying grocery shopping or a friend who needs a hand with moving. It will give you the opportunity to get to know someone better.
  12. Hang out with a new colleague or neighbour or someone who feels like they don’t fit in. Give them the time and opportunity to feel appreciated.rainbow
  13. Encourage or empower someone on their journey to success.
  14. Smile at a stranger. It is so rewarding to see someone else’s face brightening up because of the smile you gave to them.

Why to be kind?

If you need a reminder as to why you should be kind, here’s a handy list of the way it pays back:

  1. Kindness reduces stress and anxiety (and it has been proven!);
  2. It increases serotonin and endorphins;
  3. By being kind to others you boost your confidence;
  4. It is contagious – it spreads the kindness.

If you are looking for other ways to boost your mood effectively check out my recent article that can be found here.

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