London can be an overwhelming and unexpected experience when you come unprepared. Luckily there are apps dedicated to your London experience that will help you avoid surprises ranging from prices, weather conditions (yes that still comes as a surprise to some), tube strikes as well as key events, pop up shops and restaurants. Dive into this comprehensive list of apps Londoners have on their phones:

Dojo dojo-logo

As the founders and their copy guy claim they ‘find the best stuff to do in London, and give you all the details about it and then you can get there via Uber or Citymapper all within the Dojo app’. And it does what it essentially says so go ahead – get it.  Also, check out their sick description on Google Play Store – It’s better than your average Tinder profile! Get it on: Google Play & App Store.


Drinki’s selling point is – One free drink every night in London’s best bars. While I would question whether they work with the best bars in the city, they surely do what they say, so go ahead and get that Espresso Martini from London Grind on Drinki! Use my code ‘AQRZAWA1’ for extra free drink! Available on Google Play & App Store


Citymapper is the upgraded version of Google Maps. And due to the size of the company, it seems like they are more responsive to emergencies and incidents than Google Maps itself, so If you have some spare space on your phone, get the app as it will guide you through London like no other. It even tells you where to get on the train to be closer to the exit. Sick! Download it on Google Play or App Store.


While the past year has shown a lot of flows in the way Uber is managed, it is still, undeniably, the most cost effective and reliable taxi service in London. If you haven’t installed your Uber app yet, use my code and you will receive £10 when you install the app. At the time of writing this article Lyft has confirmed they are looking into entering UK market but it is not available yet. Get it on Google Play or App Store

santanderSantander Bikes

While the app has mostly far-from-positive reviews it is still probably the best way to find nearest docking stations, space and bikes availability and manage your account. It is also the cheapest way to commute around London (apart from walking that is). Get it on Google Play or App Store.



Travelling in London on your own? Just moved to London and don’t know anyone? Looking to meet like-minded people? Or simply hang out with someone who shares similar interests? Check out meetup – the place to be when you’re after socialising. Get it on App Store or Google Play. Some of the most popular meetup groups in London:


  1. Young Professionals in London
  2. New In London
  3. Fun and Unusual Things To Do In London
  4. Interesting Talks In London
  5. Entrepreneurs In London
  6. London Photographic
  7. Wil & Calm Yoga and Hiking


If you’re looking for something more substantial like expos, conferences, talks and independent festivals, you will most probably find them on Eventbrite. The platform has a range of events, both free and paid for so have a browse on the go. Available on Google Play and App Store.



if you fancy trying food from some of the best food restaurants in London but don’t necessarily feel like facing crowds in restaurant, Deliveroo is your answer. They cover a big chunk of London restaurants and are incredibly reliable. Get it on App Store or Google Play.



This is your go-to place if you are trying to max out your budget. It has a regularly updated range of vouchers and deals, whether you’re after shopping deals, restaurant vouchers or all other shenanigans. You can download it here: iPhone and Android.

google-mapsGoogle Maps

I know most of you have it on your phone preinstalled but I would like to stress how great the maps are for moving around London, London attractions and restaurant reviews, so if you’re down on phone space, this app covers a lot of it. It’s preinstalled on Android phones, but if you’re an iPhone user, you can find it here

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